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Subject: 	[URL] Oddens's Maps & Geographical Information

Links to maps and geographic information around the world
from Utrecht University

Oddens's Bookmarks
The Fascinating World of Maps and Mapping

Oddens's Bookmarks has more than 5900 links

Oddens's Bookmarks:
"Very thorough listing of cartographic sites. Kept up to date. Highly
recommended" - Cartographic links of Matthew H. Edney

"It will lead you places you never knew existed" - Kevin C. Flynn's article
Maps on the Web in American Congress on Surveying and Mapping's ACSM
Bulletin, Nov./Dec. 1996

"This is one of the most popular and successful map and cartographic sites
available. Oddens's Bookmarks is excellent in both its coverage and its
organisation into categories" - Mike Shand's Index to Mapping Sites, a page
of the Hands-On Workshop Mapping off the Web for the Joint Societies Scottish

"Must have a special position!"-  Non-Commercial Mapping of Jeremy Crampton's
Cartography Resources on the Web (The Virtual Library)

"The ultimate list of web sites on maps and mapping" - Lists of Map Web Sites 
Maps and Spatial Information, Duke University Libraries

"The Granddaddy of all Map Links" - Barbara Cox in her Cox Family Genealogy

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