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Thanks to the SEAINT organization for giving me the chance to answer some
emails regarding the AVwin 98 software. I know that many of you expect a
reply from us.

There have been several emails about AVwin 98 with the following main issue:

The AVwin 98 program is good but the Avansse Company is not trustable since
it received money in the past from some engineers and never delivered the
program to them.

To all engineers in this situation please accept our apologies but remember
that Engineering Bulletin Board System was marketing the AvansseV1-8
software 5 years ago in the USA. We did send to EBBS all the programs
requested by them until our agreement was end. We never charged money to
anybody because we didn't market the program directly.

However, to repair the inconveniences caused indirectly by us to these
engineers, we have placed an especial web page (
where the latest version of AVwin98plus+Manual+Help can be downloaded by all
the SEAINT engineers. 

No payment is requested for this downloading and every SEAINT member is
granted with a license to use it for structural calculation purposes. Please
notice that this page is going to be available for a limited amount of time.

Also, several flaws were mentioned about AVwin 98. So, if you want to verify
if these flaws are true or not,  please proceed to download the program from and judge by yourself.

With this free license to SEAINT members we are making a total renunciation
to potential purchases since we are giving the AVwin Plus without limitation
of time, number of nodes, or any other kind of restriction. Then, I hope
that this will convince you that we are trying to give you the best
cost-effective program in an honest and sincere manner and that we are
greatly confident that AVwin 98 is a VERY good piece of software.

Also, thanks to all the engineers that find AVwin98 very enjoyable, easy to
use and powerful.

I can be reached at info(--nospam--at)

Thank you

Boris Kraljevic
Avansse International, Inc.

P.S. The web page was been placed unilaterally by
us without consulting to the SEAINT organization. That is to say, it is not
certified by the SEAINT organization and all the responsibility about this
page is entirely ours.