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ICBO Evaluation Services CD-Rom

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ICBO was kind enough to provide me with an evaluation copy of their Reports on CD-Rom. I did not want this to become an advertisment for ICBO but felt that many of you might not be aware of this service and might like more information.
The one CD-Rom contains all of the ICBO Evaluation Service, Inc. reports. The CD-Rom is actually an update service. For a fee the user receives an updated CD-Rom every 3 months. No more papers to file, no more missing reports when you need them most. Every 3 months, you simply discard the current CD-Rom and replace it with the new copy.
Most of my work is done on a Laptop. Carrying around a suitcase full of paper is not an option. Yes, I have an office and still do a lot of work on my office machine, but having the laptop means carrying my office with me wherever I go. I found that when designing away from home having reference materials such as ICBO's ES Report CD and my Simpsons CD-Rom catalog is absolutly indespensible.
At first I felt that the cost of the annual service was extreme - considering that Evaluation Service Reports are available free on request from the company whose product you are searching. However, there is a convenience of having the information at your fingertips that might justify the cost (Introductory prices - $125.00 for ICBO members and $150.00 for non-members) - especially when time if of the essense and you can not wait for a fax or hard copy by mail.
You can obtain more information on the ICBO website at or by calling toll free 800-284-4406
Please forgive me if this seems like an advertisment for ICBO. It is not intended to be any more than a small review of their product that I felt the subscribers of this list would be interested in knowning about. I am not in any way affiliated with ICBO (nor am I a member).
Dennis S. Wish PE