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RE: ICBO Evaluation Services CD-Rom

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Do you have a contact name @ phone # for the CD ROM?
			Glenn W. Strong

From: 	Bob Shilling
Sent: 	Friday, October 02, 1998 11:10 AM
To: 	Dennis S. Wish PE
Cc: 	SEA International List
Subject: 	Re: ICBO Evaluation Services CD-Rom

On Fri, 2 Oct 1998, Dennis S. Wish PE wrote:

> At first I felt that the cost of the annual service was extreme -
> considering that Evaluation Service Reports are available free on request
> from the company whose product you are searching. However, there is a
> convenience of having the information at your fingertips that might justify
> the cost (Introductory prices - $125.00 for ICBO members and $150.00 for
> non-members) - especially when time if of the essense and you can not wait
> for a fax or hard copy by mail.

We get that CDROM here at work. There are three of us, so we rotate who 
gets the latest copy, and that person informs the others if he finds some 
interesting changes.

One other advantage that Dennis didn't mention. You can cut-and-paste the 
load values into your Mathcad sheets, so you don't have to staple on some 
xeroxed "Appendix."

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