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Moment connection using ASTM A-913

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I have read in past posts a preference for moment connections using ASTM
A-913 Gr 65 columns and A-572 Gr 50 beams with a dog bone connection. I have
never specified A-913 material before. Can anyone tell me what is the
availability and extra material costs (residence using 4 - two story frames)
with using ASTM A-913 Gr 65 columns? Is it acceptable to use A-36 for the
beams with the A-913 Gr 65 columns? I am considering a cover plate
connection. Is there any problem with welding A-36 plates to A-913 Gr 65
columns as long as a good CVN weld material is used?

Lastly, When using a cover plate connection, is there a need for a CJP weld
from the beam top flange to the column flange for the top cover plate at the
very top of the frame, it seems to me that the connection can be developed
by simply fillet welding the cover plate to both the top of the column and a
"d" length along the top flange of the beam.

I have checked out the SAC homepage and could not find any connection detail
images, but some of the links were not working for me. I could only get one
of the load test AVI file clips to open. I am curious if there are videos of
these tests to purchase. ( Blockbuster Video does not have that title )


Jeff Smith