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It doesn't appear so to me. Off the top of my head, 16d nails are about
3-1/2" long. The required penetration is 1.94" for common nails. After
driving the 16d through the 2x sill and plywood, you have 0.875" of
penetration which is less than half the required penetration. I believe you
are allowed to use nails with penetrations as little as half the required
penetration as long as you reduce the shear capacity proportionally. For
20d, length is 4", required penetration is 2.3", actual penetration is
1.375" which is greater than half the required penetration and therefore
acceptable with a reduced shear capacity of 74 lbs each.

My $0.02
Bill Allen

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Hi everyone

Is it possible to 16d nail for sill plate nailing
with 2x sill plate and 1-1/8" plywood sheathing

thanks for input in advance

Dave A. P.E.