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RE: Printer for AUTOCAD Files

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I have used the DesignJet 1000c (predessor to the 1120cse) to print all of
my files on 11"x17" to put in a notebook (I don't have room for full size
drawings anymore). The clarity is great and prints even my largest files. I
have defined a .pcp file specifically for this task so that my pen weights
are half that of my full size sheets. This greatly enhances readability.

I have owned Epson in the past. While they were great dot matrix printers, I
once bought an Epson laser and was extremely disappointed in the quality of
the machine. Regardless of the feature difference between the Epson 1520 and
HP 1120cse, I would strongly encourage to stick with HP printers (HP
computers are another story).

I am marginally surprised that your laser with 4mb is having problems with
your files. Definitely, the problem you describe has to do with memory. My
Laserjet 4+ has only 2mb of memory and I have not had any problems with it
although I do all of my large file printing on my 1000c.

When adding printers, check available IRQs first!!

Bill Allen

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Subject: Printer for AUTOCAD Files

I have a lasejet 4p with 4mb memory and it wont print a full sheet(8 1/2x11)
of notes or a complicated detail or a whole sheet of reduced size structural
plan. It does print a smple detail or plan with few notes. Anybody has an
what the problem is?

I"m planning to buy an inkjet printer that prints on 11x17. Will the HP
Deskjet 1120Cse work? Do I need to buy additional memory? Will a 24x36 plan
fit half scale on the 11x17 and still be readable?

How about the Epson Stylus Color 1520? It says paper sizes up to 17x22 and
continuous banner up to 44 ft long. It also says maximum printable area
13.6"x21.78" .

Both are the same price($499). any suggestions or comments on which one
better? Do I need to buy anything else to make it work on AUTOCAD files.

A 36" wide inkjet plotter is on my wish list but the cheapest one is
and is out of my budget for now.


Ernie Natividad