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Retaining Wall Design Pressures

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A few weeks back, there was a thread on the effect of water behind a retaining wall on the design pressure. I asked Mr. Rajendran if he could provide a numeric example. The one-page example is posted on the SEAINT website, and can be obtained by sending the message "get seaint retwall.xls" to admin(--nospam--at) Thanks to Mr. Rajendran for taking the time to post the example.

I was able to review the example today and it cleared up my continuing confusion from over the years. Based on the example and Ka=0.333 ===> EFPdry=35-psf, EFPsat=40-psf, and EFPsub=82-psf. Of course this simplification doesn't consider all three conditions occurring at the same time which is shown in the example.