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RE: Printer for AUTOCAD Files

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13X19 paper might be hard to find but 12x18 is not (try ordering Xerox bond
from your supply house). I use 11x17 (not to scale) because it is easy to
copy and fits into a notebook (tri-folded). I keep a year's worth of
drawings at my finger tips.

Bill Allen

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<< I"m planning to buy an inkjet printer that prints on 11x17. Will the HP
 Deskjet 1120Cse work? Do I need to buy additional memory? Will a 24x36 plan
 fit half scale on the 11x17 and still be readable?

We've had very good luck with this printer with AutoCad 14.  Note that 24x36
is less than half scale at 11x17 but is still readable.  The printer also
supports 13x19 paper (if you can find it) which will allow true halfscale

Bruce Resnick, SE
Parker Resnick Str. Eng.