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Re: Allowable Bending stress for WT's

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For allowable bending stress in WT's, refer to AISC's Engineering Journal, 
Second Quarter, 1992, "Flexural Strength of WT Sections".  This article
"The design of these sections for flexural loads was not specifically 
addressed in the ASD Specification.  Not until the publication of the LRFD 
Specification was flexural loading of these sections directly addressed."  
AISC-LRFD addresses flexural strength of tees in section F1.5.  The author
the above article recommends using the LRFD formula (F1-15) and
a safety factor of 1.67 for ASD design, to check lateral buckling strength
the web in compression.  A strength limit of 0.60Fy is recommended for 
compressive stress on the web.  (The article also recommends relaxing the 
width/thickness ratio for web stems in B5.)