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RE: Plan check submittals and shop drawings

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Generally, steel trusses are designed and detailed by the EOR, and bar
joists and joist girders are prescriptive in the UBC.  But one exception
that comes to mind are the Delta Joist system from Butler Manufacturing.
These elements are performance specified, and I would require the
manufacturer to seal the calcs and the drawings. Butler provides this
service without complaint.

You might want to also consider roof bar joists subject to wind uplift for
an engineer's seal.

I am sure that there are other systems that are proprietary.

Harold Sprague, P.E.
The Neenan Company

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Ask your truss manufacturer specifically why he does not want to sign the
plans and details.

Your note says "Truss calculations and plans shall be designed and sealed by
California licensed engineer" You did not say that the truss manufacturer
sign and seal it.

Also, you said that they refused to sign the plans and your details. If you
prepared the plans you must sign it. If he prepared the plans, he must sign
it. Unless.......he says that the erection plan contains only the
information(joist designation) you specified on your framing plan, and he
not really specify and design the framing system but he just did
on the joist you specified. If you prepared the details, you sign it.
it is clear in your notes that the truss manufacturer shall provide signed
truss details.

Manufactured steel trusses are different from prefabricated wood trusses in
that they have specific designations and has a table in the UBC showing the
allowable loads for a specific joist. It is the same as specifying 4x10 beam
or 51/8x24 GLB or W12x22 beam. An engineer from a steel truss manufacturer
told me they don't even provide calcs for the standard trusses because they
are approved in UBC table. And some plan checkers are aware of these and
with it. The only time you need truss calculations is when you have special
trusses that does not conform to the UBC table.

With this in mind, you should not leave the roof steel truss design to the
truss manufacturer but call out the truss designation based on your design
the UBC table and detail it per your requirements. The truss manufacturer
fabricates it based on your roof framing plan call-out.

If there are engineers for steel truss manufacturers out there,can you
if this is true!!!!!!     I like to make sure so I don't have this same
problem when I get a similar job.

Ernie Natividad