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Re: Plan check submittals and shop drawings

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I too have had joist suppliers refuse to stamp submitted joist erection 
drawings.  But I have been able to get a PE stamped letter stating that the 
joists are designed for the specified loads.  So I now specify that the a PE 
stamped certification be submitted, certifying that the joists have been 
designed and manufactured to meet the specified load capacities.  I show the 
joist layout and list the roof design loads on my design drawings, including 
net uplift loads, and I specify that the joist supplier determine bridging 
requirements (although I may also show minimum required bridging on my 
drawings as well).  So you may want to check with the Building Official if
following is acceptable: submit a PE stamped certification form from the
supplier regarding the joist design, and submit a PE stamped letter from the 
EOR stating that the joist submittal has been reviewed for conformance with 
the design intent.