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RE: RE: structural engineer compensation

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Please forgive me for not remembering the details, but I heard last year some discussion of a book that came out about that time, wherein the author chronicled the lives of the "real millionaires."  Turns out the majority of the wealthy do NOT inherit it, as the populist (i.e. "liberal Democrat") rhetoric holds, but they are people who simply work hard, save, live within their means,

One account I recall was of an elderly woman who owned a handful of dry-cleaning stores in the town where she lived.  Started out with one store begun on a shoe-string; she and hubby worked hard and poured the early fruits of their efforts back into the business.

At the time she was interviewed for the book, her husband had recently deceased, and she was living alone in the small house they had lived in for many years (mortgage long since retired) and drove an older-model car.  Her net worth was near ten million dollars.  But you could never tell it from looking.

The premise of the book was that there are a great many of these stories abounding in our society, because all the bellyaching and hand-wringing aside, this is still the freest society on earth, and affords the greatest opportunity.

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>Actually, you CAN get "rich" in just about ANY profession, if you will
>do what most of us (including myself) never get the hang of doing: Save
>and invest a significant portion of your income.

I jump at the chance to agree with Bill ;-)

I'm sure we've all heard about the maid who died recently and left close to $1
million to a college she never attended.