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RE: Effects of earthquake event on bridge superstructure

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Check out the Caltrans web site.  They have some standard details on

Harold Sprague, P.E.
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Subject: Effects of earthquake event on bridge superstructure


I am currently working on a bridge design project for the Salt Lake City
area.  A major consideration in our design is seismic loading.  On two of
the bridges we are working on we are employing longitudinal bolsters to
prevent the superstructure from moving off of its piers and abutments.
These are continuous girders and the longitudinal bolsters are designed such
that they will only be employed once the anchor bolts in the bearings shear
off due to a low intensity event.  A discussion came up as to what happens
to the superstructure following a design event, one in which the
longitudinal bolsters are employed.  

Assuming the anchor bolts do shear off and the allowable movement due to the
bolsters is 50 mm, how is the bridge rehabilitated after an event.  Is the
whole superstructure replaced, or is there a method in which the
superstrucutre can be moved back to its original position and placed back on
its bearings?  

If anyone has experience in this or can refer me to a case history where
such an event and rehabilitation took place I would be very interested to
hear.  Thank you very much for your time!

Mitchell Dobres, EIT