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Re: transverse reinforcement for piles

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Please see chapter 3 foundations from the Blue Book for additional
requirements. Also may want to check out the draft of the IBC for
additional thoughts on pier design. 

At 10:14 AM 10/8/98 +0100, you wrote:
>I have designed  a pile and grade beam foundation for a residence in
>Palo Alto. My Nonprestressed concrete pile has ties spacing is at 16 "
>o.c. but the plan checker came back with a comment that the ties should
>be design to be spaced according to UBC section 1921.4.4.1. Has anyone
>used this section to design the spacing of the transverse reinforcement?
>If so, can anyone be kind enough to walk me through the formula:
>Sec. 1921.4.4.1 Transverse Reinforcement
> 2. The total cross-section area of rectangular hoop reinforcement
>shall  not be less that the given by formulas (21-3) and        (21-4)
>Thank you for any respond.
>The novice
>F. Duarte