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RE: special inspection of design/build projects

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Talk about timing.  Fort Collins has just adopted the 97 UBC, I now work for
a design/build company, I passed the special inspection for steel, and I
have a project that requires special inspection.

The way we are approaching this issue is that the EOR personally writes the
letter and selects the special inspector manager(which can be an employee of
our company).  The special inspector manager then assigns the individual
special inspection roles (i.e. structural steel, concrete, foundations,
etc.), and supervises the distribution of the reports in a similar manner to
the program adopted by Kansas City, MO.  You can get the KC, MO protocol off
of their web site.  The KC, MO program identifies a "special inspector of
record" as opposed to a special inspector manager.

The EOR is acting within his professional obligation and duties in assigning
the special inspector manager.  The EOR must be satisfied that the special
inspector manager will act professionally in identifying deficiencies.  The
Kansas City program goes a step further and requires the special inspector
of record to be a licensed engineer.  

Harold Sprague, P.E.
The Neenan Company

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Subject: special inspection of design/build projects

The UBC requires the owner or EOR acting as owner's agent to employ 
special inspectors.  On design/build projects, the EOR is often the 
contractor's "agent,"  in a contractual sense, and would pass special 
inspection costs through to the contractor.  This may give some the 
impression of a conflict of interest.  But since the EOR always 
should be acting as the owner's or the public's agent, in an ethical 
sense, there should be little objection to the EOR employing 
special inspectors for design/build projects.  Does anyone have any 
practical experience with this?  Have Building Officials in your area

Dave Evans, P.E.
TNH, Inc.