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Re: Plan check submittals and shop drawings

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Dear Mr. Hosseinzadeh,

You are not required to "seal" the deferred submittal.  The UBC only requires
that you perform the following:
1    review them and forward them to the Building Official
2    include a notation indicating the deferred submittal documents are
reviewed and found to be in general conformance with the building design.

If the building dept. insists on "seal" from you, request to talk with the
Building Official (boss).  It is the Building Official's discretion to require
an engineer stamp/signature, however BORPELS does not allow by law for you to
stamp/sign work done by others.  

Many Engineers have a "shop drawing" review/acceptance type stamp with company
name & person's name that is generally accepted for the infamous deferred
submittal portions.

Good luck,
Jim Fruit, AIA,  Branch Manager  (cmajose(--nospam--at)
Carl Mileff & Associates, Inc.
Building Code Services for public agencies
(yes I am a "hired gun" doing plan reviews for cities and counties)