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RE: Tapered compression edge of sawn beam

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First of all, you should check with TrusJoist MacMillan to see if MicroLams
behave the same as sawn sections if tapered in the field. Second, when I had
to do this, e always exceeded d' (see Eqn. 6-4 p. 2-814 1994 UBC), so the
shear calculation was fv=1.5*V/b*d'.

Bill Allen

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Subject: Tapered compression edge of sawn beam

I have a situation where the top edge of a sawn beam, or maybe Micro=Lam,
wants to be tapered at a 3:12 slope to stay under the roof sheathing.  Does
anyone have any thoughts on how a taper will effect the shear capacity of
the beam?  The only thing I come up with is to check it as a beam with
several notches at the compression side.

Steve Privett