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RE: Survey Lines on CAD

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Dear friend:
Autocad let you enter this type of reference by using the @ character. For
example, if you want to draw a line from point (0,0) to a point located at a
distance of 5 units and in an angle of 30 degrees relative to x axis, then
you must use line command as follows:

Command: Enter line
>From point: Enter 0,0
To point: Enter @5<30

This is: @distance<angle relative to x axis.
Note that you can enter the same angle like this: E30d0'0"N. You must always
enter minutes and seconds to the command works.

For using survey angle units format you must specify it on format menu
>> units >> angle >> surveyor and then select the precision you want. This
is only to Autocad to displays angles magnitudes in this format, but you can
enter angles in that format without doing this.

For further information on relative coordinates see chapter "Using
Coordinate Systems" at Autocad Online Help (Help menu >> Autocad Help topics
>> Contents >> User's Guide >> Chapter 3 >> Using a coordinate system to
specify a point >> Specifying Cartesian and Polar Coordinates >> Entering
Polar Coordinates)

Good luck!

Best regards,
Leopoldo Sanz Bocaranda and Miguel Arancibia Gutiérrez
Universidad Central de Venezuela
Caracas, Venezuela