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RE: Survey Lines on CAD

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Alex, I'll take a stab at this - but a very basic one. Autocad allows you to
enter a length and direction in the form of @X'y"<angle (please check the
help files for the direction of the angle symbols). The angle is dependent
on the units and you would use the units command to choose Surveyors Units.
So, if you wanted a line to progress from a relative point 150' and at S 30
deg 42" W you would enter @150'<S 30 deg 42" W.
If you wanted if from an absolute location, you would simply omit the @
symbol. Remember, "@" is used to start from an arbitrary location.

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Subject: Survey Lines on CAD

I need help from AUTOCAD 14 users on this list.  Is it possible to draw
lines using survey angles directly ? Ex.   Line A:dist.=100 '  direction = N
45deg 20" E, line b:dist =150 Direction=S 30 deg 42" W, etc

Thanks in advance.

Alex C. Nacionales