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Re: structural engineer compensation

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What good is having ten million dollars if you have to spend your life in
near poverty????  The dry cleaning lady was, effectively, poor as a

Russ Nester
>Please forgive me for not remembering the details, but I heard last 
>year =
>some discussion of a book that came out about that time, wherein the =
>author chronicled the lives of the "real millionaires."  Turns out the 
>majority of the wealthy do NOT inherit it, as the populist (i.e. =
>"liberal Democrat") rhetoric holds, but they are people who simply 
>work =
>hard, save, live within their means,
>One account I recall was of an elderly woman who owned a handful of =
>dry-cleaning stores in the town where she lived.  Started out with one 
>store begun on a shoe-string; she and hubby worked hard and poured the 
>early fruits of their efforts back into the business.
>At the time she was interviewed for the book, her husband had recently 
>deceased, and she was living alone in the small house they had lived 
>in =
>for many years (mortgage long since retired) and drove an older-model 
>car.  Her net worth was near ten million dollars.  But you could never 
>tell it from looking.
>The premise of the book was that there are a great many of these 
>stories =
>abounding in our society, because all the bellyaching and 
>hand-wringing =
>aside, this is still the freest society on earth, and affords the =
>greatest opportunity.
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>>Actually, you CAN get "rich" in just about ANY profession, if you 
>>do what most of us (including myself) never get the hang of doing: 
>>and invest a significant portion of your income.
>I jump at the chance to agree with Bill ;-)
>I'm sure we've all heard about the maid who died recently and left 
>close =
>to $1
>million to a college she never attended.

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