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Search for reference object - sealed glass and spaceframe structure

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We are a project group at Lund University in Sweden who are trying to find a working solution for an existing fountain made of a steel framework with sealed glass. The fountain consists of several basins placed on steel tube pillars. The water falls from the top basin through the others down to a lake. The fountain has not been in use the since the seventies.

Question at issue:
We would appreciate if anyone could provide us with suggestions of glass and seal manufacturers who have experiences in this field. Manufacturers and constructors of steel frameworks for similar applications are also of interest.

Existing structure:
The present, non-working, structure consists of ten basins, each standing on one or two pillars. The basins are about 6x9 m size. Apart from the pillars there are a couple of inclined struts which supports the framework of the basins. These struts have their origin a meter down the top of the pillars. The basins are built up by a steel framework with glass blocks in the size of 1300x1800 mm. The glass blocks are sealed to the framework. The basins are filled with water to a depth of 435 mm.

Presentation of the current problem:
There have been some problems with the existing structure concerning the water tightness of the basins. One of the most credible sources of error is the weakness of the frame combined with small allowable deformations for the sealed glass. The seals and the glass where manufactured in the late sixties, with old fashion components and poor craftsmanship.

We are convinced that there must be some working constructions of similar design. Therefore we are curious to find out which companies who have been involved in those projects.

Further information:
For further information, please send us a mail or contact us by E-mail, fax or phone. You can also visit our website in order to get more details about the problem.

Best Regards:
Mr Joakim Jeppsson, Dept. of Structural Engineering, Lund University, Sweden
Ms Katja Nordström, Dept. of Building Materials, Lund University, Sweden
Mr Sverker Andreasson, Dept. of Structural Engineering, Lund University, Sweden

Please reply, directly to sverker.andreasson(--nospam--at)
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