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Fw: Civil Engineering experience

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If you have a temporary position for this person he would be grateful.  I post this on seaint for any Canadian listeners.

Thor A. Tandy   P.Eng.,  MCSCE,  MIPENZ
Victoria, BC, Canada
e-mail: <vicpeng(--nospam--at)>

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From: Colin Davies <cld6(--nospam--at)>
To: vicpeng(--nospam--at) <vicpeng(--nospam--at)>
Date: Thursday, October 08, 1998 5:22 AM
Subject: Civil Engineering experience

>Dear Mr Tandy,
>I have obtained your email address from the CSCE, and wonder if you 
>could offer me any assistance.
>I recently graduated from Bristol University, UK in Civil Engineering 
>and won a travel award in a national competition for my final year 
>design project.  The purpose of the award is to further my education and 
>knowledge of design practices overseas.  
>I have experience of site work in the UK and have a job with a design 
>consultancy  in the UK to commence in 1999.  Before this I would like to 
>live and possibly work abroad, gaining as varied an experience as 
>possible.  I would really like to pursue this in Canada, (particularly 
>in BC).  However I  do not have many contacts in the region and wondered 
>if you could offer any assistance.
>What I am really looking for is any individual, company, or organization 
>that could offer me a visit (site / office) or short work placement. I 
>will hopefully be in Canada from next week onwards (the short notice is 
>unfortunately beyond my control!), so any assistance you could provide 
>would be most appreciated.  
>If this is not possible, perhaps you could put me in touch with somebody 
>better able to help.
>I would be very grateful for any assistance you could offer;
>Thank-you in advance,
>Colin Davies.
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