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RE: Survey Lines on CAD

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Dennis Wish wrote:

. > Remember, "@" is used to start from an arbitrary location.

Actually, "@" is from the last point ("lastpoint").  I use it all the time, 
rather than calculating actual coordinates, which is a real PITA, in fact, 
I can't recall ever using actual coordinates in the 12 years that I have 
been using AutoCad.  I also use the "ID" command to get a start point.  For 
example, if I know a line starts at a horizontal distance of 13'6-5/8" from 
another point and runs for 357.75 inches in a direction of 39deg 41 min, I 
type "id" and select the known point, then type 
"L<CR>@13'6-5/8<0<CR>@375.75<39d41'<CR>" and I have the line.  "ID" and "@" 
are the two most valuable commands that AutoCad has and the least discussed 
by Autodesk.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona