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RE: Design Build / GC-CM

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I take exception to your assertion that design-build is a rip off to
clients.  I worked for 10 years for Black & Veatch.  I worked in all 3 of
their major divisions.  I agree that they are a quality organization, but
they are still relatively new in the "build" aspect. I have also worked for
smaller consulting engineering firms.

I now work for The Neenan Company which is a design-build firm that focuses
more on commercial and industrial work.  The concept of design-build evolved
here from construction (build) into architecture and now into engineering.
It is not the one stop shopping that appealed to me, it is the quality of
the organization, the integrity of the staff, and the concept of giving the
owner more value.  

A design firm is not much different than a design-build firm in that the
firm is a collection of individuals that provide a product and/or service to
the best of their collective ability.  The firm is only as good as its
components.  I feel quite confident that the buildings designed and built at
my firm are of the best quality and the staff has the utmost integrity.  The
professional architects and engineers here are all ethical professionals
responsive to the client.  

The freedom that the design-build firm uniquely enjoys is instant feedback
from the builders that help the team build the best product that is
responsive to all of the owner's needs (function, aesthetics, budget,
safety, and schedule).

It is not one stop shopping, it is one stop responsibility.  We as a single
entity are responsible for everything working and performing together, from
the sealants to the foundations.

Harold Sprague, P.E.
The Neenan Company

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Black & Veatch and Mitsubishi-Toyobo are two good design-builders that 
come to my mind. Most others obscure ones you find around town are 
trying to rip-off the client and the public in general. It is a shame 
that the US government or some branches are falling for that 
design-build story.

Jose Diez P.E.