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I just completed cyclic testing of steel studs walls at UCI for an client on
the east coast.  The client has developed a "clinched" connection for which
structural values were determined by testing.  However,  ICBO ES approved the
connection only for Zones 1 and 2.  In order to use Table 22-VIII-C of the
1997 UBC,  it was necessary for the client to conduct cyclic testing and the
testing was to follow the test size and procedures followed by Prof. Serrette.
I tried to obtain a copy of Prof. Serrette's report from AISI but they were
not very cooperative.  I requested some answers from Serrette but he referred
me back to AISI.   I did get ahold of the report.  The report did not attempt
to provide data at the yield limit state and the  deformation at the yield
limit state.  The SEAOC procedures require reporting results at the YLS and
SLS as well as testing an 8 x 8 wall.  All of Serrette's cyclic work was done
on 4 x 8 walls.  Since this was the basis for the code change to include
racking shear values for steel studs,  we had to follow the same protocol.

ROgawa, P. E.
Inspection Concepts