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Re: Grade Beam design example needed

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Dennis, my friend........

Sorry I haven't called or written lately, I've been very busy, I'll tell you
about it later.

In any case, I can supply the grade beam design, but some things to think
about. The steel column will deflect causing maximum moment at the base. This
moment is transferred into the grade beam. Design the grade beam for this
moment. Then check the soil pressure for vertical loads and moments to make
sure that the soil pressure can support the grade beam. Detail the grade beam
to steel column in such a way that the steel column flanges can transfer the
moment into the reinforcing steel. And also check the embedment of the steel
column into the grade beam using a flagpole type of equation. The concrete pad
below the grade beam at the steel column purely supports the vertical load in
the column. Also, check the base plate design. Transfer base shear through the
baseplate weld and into the base plate and then out through the bolts; but be
sure to weld only the web to the base plate unless you plan on transferring
the column bending moment into the base plate.

Bonne Chance,

Greg Riley PE

Give me a call!