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Re: Survey Lines on CAD

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In AutoCAD Engineering Units entered as 100.25 will print on the drawing as
100' 3"
if you leave the Units set to Decimal 100.25 will print on the drawing as
100.25', if you remember to enter a Suffix mark of ( ' ).

Of course if the Units are set to Engineering the drawing will be full
scale ( 1 drawing unit will equal 12") while when the Units are set to
Decimal the drawing will be at a reduced scale ( 1 drawing unit will equal
1 drawing unit ) and will have to be scaled up  by a factor of 12 if for
some reason you change the Units setting. This can happen if you get a set
of Architectural drawings and you want to enter the measurements as shown
on the drawing without converting them to there Decimal Equivalents.

I never have figured out why the AutoCAD programmers did not set up the
Engineering setting to produce a full scale drawing that printed the a
command line distance of 100.25 as 100.25' as far back as I remember
Architectural Scales were always in feet and inches while Engineering
Scales were in feet and decimals.  

Due to unplanned circumstance I ended up self taught on Generic Cad and
AutoCAD so I am still learning, and still surprised by, what AutoCAD will

Stray thought for SciFi buffs Read the description of the Drafting Machine
in the Story "Door into Summer" by Robert Heinlein then check the original
copy right date.

Robert W. Stevens, Jr., PE
Consulting Engineer		8-)