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Thanks Psi

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Thank you all a lot for your very fast answer
Leopoldo Sanz Bocaranda
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De: DougSnow(--nospam--at) <DougSnow(--nospam--at)>
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Fecha: Viernes, 09 de Octubre de 1998 10:04 a.m.
Asunto: Concrete with high air content

>I got a question from the field where the Contractor is building a school
in a
>rural area that is subject to freeze/thaw cycles.  He found that the
>had 8% air entrainment where the specifications were for 4%.  ACI 318-95
>4.2.1 states that for 1-1/2" aggregate size and for moderate exposure, the
>content should be 4-1/2%.  Is there any effect on the concrete if the air
>content is too high?  I couldn't think of any but I though I would throw it
>out for discussion.
>By the way, it seemed unusual that a Contractor would actually look at such
>small detail (I'm happy when they actually catch the big things) but it
>out that he was in the process of removing an area of concrete that tests
>determined to be low strength so he was looking at the new concrete in
>and he had already rejected two trucks for low slump.