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Stan Caldwell wrote:

<<Dear Busy Earl:
<< So, are you saying that shrink-wrapped (commercial) software installs
<< faster, runs faster, or what?  If a 4 MB download is a waste of your
<< time, perhaps you need a faster connection.  Also, you can always
<< practice mult-tasking and do something productive while files are
<< downloading.  Even Bill Clinton apparently practices multi-tasking! 
<< Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
<< Puzzled in Dallas

Not at all.

My point is that ANY software package carries a price in terms of learning
time, usage time, trying to get support time, etc. IF you place any value on
your time. This time can be many hours, so when considering the "cost" of a
software package, the purchase price really isn't that important, the much
more important price is productivity lost or gained.

Earl Conroy

P.S. I hope all my competitors get that free AVWin program ;-)