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Bearing for Metal Studs

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On a job I am doing the EOR calls for a full height stud and a jack stud 
at typical exterior wall openings (see attached sketch) to support the 
boxed beam.  The beam consists of a track on top with the flanges 
turned down, 2 studs back to back, a track with flanges up and another 
track with the flanges down.  The wall is load bearing and is carrying a 
 significant load (this is over a wall opening).  Typical details I have 
seen show the boxed beam bearing on the jack studs.  The problem I have 
with this is we have 2000 lbs. of shear in the webs of the studs that are 
being supported by a stud turned so that the webs do not align (my boss 
likes to refer to this as a knife edge).  The track is not going to 
significantly spread out the load.  Any thoughts on this condition?  
Recommended details?



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