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Re: Explosion Vents

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Normally the explosion vents receive a plate/diaphragm  that is gauged to
reduce the plate area along the perimeter and radial direction of the vent area
so that it can burst to releve the pressure and save the bin.  You might also
want to check for any possibility for implosion.  Most of this type of
containers are Nitorgen purged to minimize potential ignition/flash point.  The
diaphragm is calibrated to ASTM or the Vessal Design (mechanical code) standard
in a testing lab.  I came a cross many moons ago. Sorry, I don't have the
reference handy.  If I do find it I will posted right here.  Good luck.  

>>> Gordon Yutzy <GYutzy(--nospam--at)> 10/09/98 01:32PM >>>
I have been asked to design an explosion vent for a wood dust bin.  I
was wondering
if there are any good references or advice on this either in print or on
the net.  The bin is 
30 foot long by 12 foot wide by 12 foot tall.   

Gordon Yutzy  P.E.