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RE: Survey Lines on CAD

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I use R12, Snap is turned off, and it doesn't matter whether Ortho is on or 
off.  While you may consider it a lot of typing, I consider it easy and don't 
consider it a lot of typing.  What I consider intolerable in *any* program is 
picking from on screen menus and icons, one of the reasons that I haven't had 
AutoCad's on screen menu(s) displayed for years.  Occasionally when the 
cursor goes to the top of the screen, I see that there is some menu bar 
there, but I quickly pull back and can't tell you what it is.  About the only 
time I use Snap (not to be confused with Object Snap) is when I am ARRAYing 
to a non-orthogonal angle.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Robert Grandmaison wrote:

. > Yikes! That's a lot of typing. Do you use direct distancing (assuming 
. > you're up to R13 or R14)?
. > With direct distance input simply stretch your rubber band the direction 
. > you want to draw,
. > type in the distance and hit Enter. Works for editing as well as drawing.
. > 
. > I use 'snapang quite a bit when I'm drawing out of usual ortho
. > modes...combined with direct distancing it's all real easy.
. > 
. > Cheers,
. > Robert
. > 
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. > Subject:        RE: Survey Lines on CAD
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. > Dennis Wish wrote:
. > 
. > . > Remember, "@" is used to start from an arbitrary location.
. > 
. > Actually, "@" is from the last point ("lastpoint").  I use it all the 
. > time, rather than calculating actual coordinates, which is a real PITA, 
. > in fact, I can't recall ever using actual coordinates in the 12 years 
. > that I have been using AutoCad.  I also use the "ID" command to get a 
. > start point.  For example, if I know a line starts at a horizontal 
. > distance of 13'6-5/8" from another point and runs for 357.75 inches in a 
. > direction of 39deg 41 min, I type "id" and select the known point, then 
. > type "L<CR>@13'6-5/8<0<CR>@375.75<39d41'<CR>" and I have the line.  "ID" 
. > and "@" are the two most valuable commands that AutoCad has and the least 
. > discussed by Autodesk.
. > 
. > A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
. > Tucson, Arizona
. >