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MPC Trusses Plan check submittals and shop drawings

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From: "Dennis S. Wish PE" <wish(--nospam--at)>
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Subject: RE: Plan check submittals and shop drawings

I also understand, from my conversations with WTCA (and possibly Kirk
Grundahl might respond to this) that the 1997 UBC provisions places more
responsibilty upon the truss engineer to provide the physical connections of
roof elements that constitute the roof structure. For example, the truss
manufacturer will now be required to specify all truss hips to truss girder
connections, partial trusses to truss connects etc. This has been resisted
by the truss companies in my area as it decreases their profits by
increasing their cost of design.
Dennis Wish PE


The current ANSI/TPI standard for MPC Trusses requires the truss designer to
show on their truss design drawings or attachments truss to truss girder and
truss ply to ply. Those types of interconnections our industry has complete
information on and can easily design.  This issue is not without controversy
in our industry.

As you know we are just in the process of going through a consensus process
on WTCA's Design Responsibilities document for MPC Trusses, which deals very
specifically with these issues.  The steel truss industry has adopted much
of what has been written here as well.  We need to find common ground on
these issues.  We are also in the consensus process of the ANSI/TPI standard
on truss design.  It would be good to have more involvement in this
standards development process as well.

I know that our members will take responsibility that is theirs to take
based on good sound business logic.  Our industry's problem just like the
design professional's -- we often get forced to take responsibility for
items totally out of our control. This gets very un-pleasant and quite

My $.02 worth and thanks for asking me to respond.  We look forward to
working with all of you to find common ground on these issues.  They are
very important to all of us.

Kirk Grundahl, P.E.
WTCA Executive Director

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