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differential settlement

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I would be very cautious about the garbage dump creating methane.  Recently 
(about 2 years ago) a trailer park in Tucson had to be evacuated because a 
nearby "landfill" generated explosive concentrations of methane gas.  A hotel 
is constructed on landfill and was required to have venting below the 
building and methane monitors.

I hope that you are located in Mexico or are experienced in doing work in 
Mexico, know about the Technical Assistance Permits required (single 
entry/multiple entry) and bonding of vehicles and aircraft taken into Mexico 
under the Technical Assistance Permit.  While we, who live close to the 
border can cross it as often as we want as a tourist, Mexico takes a dim view 
(read: jail) for those who fail to obey their laws.  

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona