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Announcement SEAint Online - Articles Needed

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We are pleased to announce the resurrection of Online as the new publication of SEA International. For those of you familiar with the journal, Online was published and distributed to members of SEA in 9 states for more than six years. The journal was published four times a year and distributed in hard copy (paper) to SEA chapters that wished to include the journal in their member newsletter. Online, historically, provided software review, tutorials, articles related to teleconferencing and other articles intending to inform and educate the structural engineering community. Online was often considered a primer for the other work that led to the development of our Internet tools including the SEAint Listservice and Website.
I am excited to return as Editor and Chief of Online. Our first issue is scheduled for release (in Southern California) in January 1999. Release dates vary with the time that individual SEA Chapters receive issues for distribution and the date of issuance of their local newsletters. If you have not read Online in the past and wish to receive it, you may do so in one of two ways. You can contact your local SEA chapter and request that they distribute Online by contacting SEAoSC chapter director Don (or Jane )Gilbert by phone (the number is available to all SEA chapters) or they may contact them by email at seaosc(--nospam--at) You will also have acess to Online on the SEAint Website. We are not sure whether Online will be downloadable in PDF (Adobe Acrobat ) format or if it will be accessible in HTML format directly on the site. Either way, we assure you that it will be available on our server.
As Editor of Online, I am very excited about our new issue. Online will include articles related to the topics discussed on this list and in various committees in addition to the existing format which we found to be successful in past publications. We already have a backlog of software to review - including RISAFoot, STRAP, Avansse, StruCalc, Wood Works and much more. Our basket of tips and tricks, Internet links, and usefull articles is almost overflowing. However, this is not enough. I hope that Online will evolve to include expanded discussions of threads from our SEAint Listservice and other forthcoming lists. 
We would invite those of you who are interested, to submit articles for publication which you feel would benefit the professional community. Our editorial committee will review all articles and make the final determination as to what will be published and when. We would be very pleased to receive articles from representatives of support organizations (ie, LGSEA, WTCA, AISC, AISI, APA These may be announcements of products, educational articles to help professionals better understand the work being done, summaries of seminars and articles which may clarify techniques and methodologies.  For example, we would welcome a submittal from a representative of a professional organization who would like to provide a more comprehensive discussion of issues resulting from a thread on our list (i.e., E&O insurance issues, Perforated Shearwalls, Proprietary products to resist shear in wood framing
AOL and CompuServe Users: I am looking for experienced members of AOL and CompuServe who would like to create a tutorial roadmap to the Internet. My experience in the past has been with independent Internet Service providers and products like Microsoft Explorer and Netscape. Many of our members or those who would like to have acess to our services are AOL and CompuServe users. Many engineers who have access through comprehensive services such as these lack the understanding to go farther than browsing or sending and receiving email. They would like a tutorial on the use of other features that would allow them to become "linked" to our virtual professional community. I am seeking authors of such articles which can provide a tutorial for those who use these services. The tutorials, which may be serialized, should include specific information on how to join lists, search the Internet, send and receive attachments etc.
Networking (and Intranets) and teleconferencing issues are also very important to the future of the engineering community. We also welcome any articles on issues related to using the Internet as a business and educational productivity tool. This might include subjects related to creating and operating a satellite office, hiring consultants and support members to complete projects,  marketing and establishing a professional "global" team for special projects etc.
Committee Chairs - SEAint website is striving to provide the minutes from each SEA committee. I would welcome summary articles from the Chairs of these committee that might keep the engineering profession informed of the work that is being done. Inasmuch as Online will be published quarterly, I would be pleased to start offering a quarterly status report (only a few paragraphs) that would keep the profession informed of the progress being made. This serves a few purposes. First, those members who are not currently connected to the Internet and who do not access minutes from the SEAint Website would receive a summary in the form of a hard copy Online publication. A summary of the work accomplished will help [to] draw others interested in this work into related discussions by establishing a line of communication (conventionally or by electronic means).
I invite any of you, who may be interested, to contact me directly at wish(--nospam--at) to discuss topics of interest or simply to discuss the services you feel Online should provide the engineering community. I personally believe that Online will be an important addition to our List and Web and would benifit greatly from a small investment of your time.
Dennis S. Wish PE
Editor and Chief - SEAint Online