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Re: From the Drudge Report

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Dennis S. Wish PE wrote:

> Before you get your panties in an uproar I would advise you to explain what
> the Drudge Report actually is.

Okay, but let me put it in my own words:

Matt Drudge is a reporter based in Hollywood, CA.  His
"Drudge Report" is located at

He is the first maverick, freelance, "cyberspace" reporter.
He was the first to report the existence of Monica Lewinsky,
her name, the existence of the infamous dress, and many other
"scoops" regarding the President's antics.

He is widely excoriated as nothing more than "tabloid trash"
by the "mainstream press," because he does something that
none of the "pack mentality" so-called "journalists" of our
day bother to attempt: Actual investigative reporting.

Your reliance on the "mainstream press" fails to recognize that they very rarely
"scoop" each other any more.  They wouldn't DARE stick their necks out so far.

One of my all-time favorite novelists is Evelyn Waugh.  Several years
ago--pre-World War II, I believe--he wrote a typically funny novel called
"Scoop," which, sixty-odd years ago, describes the VERY SAME predicament that we
today find ourselves in w/r/t the so-called "reporting" that goes on in the
"respectable, mainstream" press: A bunch of pack-mentality talking heads who
wouldn't know an original line of inquiry if it came up an bit 'em on the *ss.
I recommend it to you all highly.

There, back on your heads.