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Re: differential settlement

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If you know depth of the garbage dump, my recommendation would be to
replace that completely with a structural fill. If it is too deep to
economically remove and replace, then support your building on grade
beam and piers.  Also, you may want to consider the question of handling
harmful gases that will form due to the decomposition of organics.


Neno wrote:
> i have a question:
> we are planning to build a community center in tijuana, mexico. it's a two
> story wood construction. the size of the first, central, part is 20'x100'.
> two more "wings" (40'x60') will be added in the near future. it is
> relatively light building (load to footings is approx. 1000 plf).
> the problem: the site is an old garbage dump.
> soils engineer: recommends 2' overexcavating beneath footings. expects
> settlements of 1" and up to 2" in areas with highly organic material.
> question: based on the size of the building (overall), can the structure
> handle that type of the settlemenent? any thoughts? any literature?
> thank you
> neno grguric
> rlse