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RE: From the Drudge Report

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I agree. If you do not take the same action as you took against Kate
O'Brien, it (your lack of action) will demonstrate some degree of bias
and/or prejudice. IMO, Kate's off-topic posts were no less of waste of
bandwidth or offensive as the political debate between Dennis and Bill.

Bill Allen

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Thanks to both Dennis and Bill (only for his second post) for the
explanation of who Drudge is.  They should have PREceeded Bill's initial

Actually, I have a better idea - directed at Shafat.  Please give all
political posters the same treatment you give jokesters.  Warn them once
about such unwanted and inappropriate posts, regardless of position
taken, and then kick them out.

I apologize in advance if this starts or perpetrates another thread, but
if I can't read jokes relating to engineering, I certainly don't want to
read about liars, on either side.