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Re: Attachments and tables

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In a message dated 10/12/98 01:45:13 Eastern Daylight Time, Rlfong(--nospam--at)

> AOL also still does not support HTML or MIME mail!!! 
You can read MIME attached files on AOL.  MIME attachments are usually
multiple files compressed and bundled into one file.  The problem is that AOL
doesn't automatically "unpack" the files for you. Use AOL's search feature for
MIME and you'll be led to some utilities that will unpack the MIME
attachments.  I use MUNPACK that works for several formats.

Cybersnobs please hold the flames.  AOL has some drawbacks like not being
compatible with MSExpress (something to do with POP, You're stuck with their
mail reader).  It also has some advantages like getting 5 accounts for the
price of one, having a lot of its own content and it's pretty cheap and
generally reliable. 
Jan Harris, PE
Liberty Engineering, PC
Virginia Beach, VA