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Re: Plan check submittals and shop drawings

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You might send a copy of this question to:


The detailers ofter have this same complaint about engineers.  Perhaps they
can give you some pointers in dealing with it.

Fountain E. Conner, P.E.
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> From: Harris3803(--nospam--at)
> To: seaint(--nospam--at)
> Subject: Re: Plan check submittals and shop drawings
> Date: Sunday, October 11, 1998 9:38 PM
>      I recently had a steel fabricator ask me to draw shop drawings. I
> am on the design side but the building was simple and he agreed to a good
> This is for a national retail chain that is easily recognizable. The plan
> was given had no structural engineer listed or stamps but the architects
> letterhead was from the midwest. The building was a square box of masonry
> walls and steel truss/ deck roof which was detailed by others. I only had
> detail the 10 col's and 5 wide flange beams and wall embeds. It seemed
> simple. I had assumed there were more drawings coming. After a dozen
RFI's (
> request for info )  i realize there is a problem. These incomplete plans
> approved by Fresno, CA  B & S. When i asked for beam to beam connection
> details like plate thicknesses and bolt sizes,  ( that i always provide
on my
> design plans of other projects ) the response to RFI was that i should be
> providing these, which seemed odd since i don't know the loads. 
>        When i RFI'd about chord forces since i did'n't see a load path ,
i was
> told use 9 kips but not told how to develop it with a detail. 
>       I was always taught that plans should be complete and shop drawings
> for a fabricators use in fabrication but maybe i am missing something and
> is done differently East of California ( not meant as an insult ). I
> imagine my office issuing plans that do not show how many bolts to use in
> connection. 
>      I would like to know what others think. If the EOR insists on just
> a connection load and leaving the connection design up to me as the
> fabricator's engineer, is this common ( include your location please ).
>      In addition, how far should l go when i notice defficiencies in
> outside my contract ( i don't see ties in the top 5" of masonry pilasters
> example and i wasn't even really looking ).
> Thanks in advance.
> Tom Harris , SE
> Thousand Oaks, CA