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Re: transverse reinforcement for piles

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     Original Message:
        From: Sandra Estrella <sestrella(--nospam--at)>
        To: "seaint(--nospam--at)" <seaint(--nospam--at)>
        Subject: transverse reinforcement  for piles
        I have designed  a pile and grade beam foundation for a residence   
        in Palo Alto. My Nonprestressed concrete pile has ties spacing is   
        at 16 " o.c. but the plan checker came back with a comment that the 
        ties should be design to be spaced according to UBC section         
        1921.4.4.1. Has anyone used this section to design the spacing of   
        the transverse reinforcement?
        If so, can anyone be kind enough to walk me through the formula:
        Sec. 1921.4.4.1 Transverse Reinforcement
        2. The total cross-section area of rectangular hoop reinforcement
        shall  not be less that the given by formulas (21-3) and            
        Thank you for any respond.
        The novice
        F. Duarte
     UBC Section 1809.5.2.2 provides the transverse reinforcement 
     requirements, for nonprestressed concrete piles, in seismic zones 
     3 & 4.  This section lists an exception that eliminates the 
     requirement to exceed the transverse reinforcement determined by 
     Formulae 21-2 & 21-4 of Section 1921.4.4.1.  
     As an aside; if this project was in a seismic zone other than 3 or 4, 
     then the code does not provide any minimum transverse reinforcement 
     requirement, for nonprestressed concrete piles.  Reference UBC Chapter 
     18 and ACI 318 Section 1.1.5.
     Evan Jorgensen, S.E.
     Fluor Daniel