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Bill Allen wrote:

>>Puleese, Earl, don't give the software vendors the impression that they can
>>charge whatever they want just because THEY feel their software installs and
>>runs itself. There will be an investment of time when you are installing ANY
>>software, OS or employee. IMO, the packages that are most reliable and most
>>intuitive will reap the benefits of user upgrades and customer loyalty.
>>I don't do many analyses where I need a frame program anymore, but I
>>downloaded and installed it anyway. Heretofore, I had been running STAAD3. I
>>opened one of the example problems and, at first blush, it DOES seem more
>>intuitive than STAAD (which I think is a pretty good program sans tech
>>support) and I plan on getting into the details on the next frame I do.
>>The point I would like to make is that, especially with this *free* offer,
>>the program looks like it is worth investigating.

You make my point for me. Yes, there is an investment of TIME with any
software package.  My original point was that there is no such thing as
freeware because any time you spend learning and using the software represents
a cost IF you place a value on your time. Your post (repeated above) seems to
support that view.

I certainly don't mean to imply that the more a program costs, the better it
is. I too am a STAAD veteran :-( 

Earl Conroy
E.C. Engineers