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RE: COMP:Freeware?

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You make my point for me. Yes, there is an investment of TIME with any
software package.  My original point was that there is no such thing as
freeware because any time you spend learning and using the software represents
a cost IF you place a value on your time. Your post (repeated above) seems to
support that view.

I certainly don't mean to imply that the more a program costs, the better it
is. I too am a STAAD veteran :-( 

[Bill Polhemus]  

As am I.  I find that the engineering software on which I depend most, tends to be the products that I have the most complaints regarding.

Structural Engineering software packages are, of course, niche-market products.  Consequently, the producers do not seem to perceive the threats to their markets that the producer of an office productivity tool might.

Although I detest STAAD-III, because it continues to perpetuate the same bugs and overall weaknesses now as always, I continue to use it because the time, expense and effort which another such package would require to learn, doesn't seem to be worth the conversion.

I did download the AVWin program, and "one of these days," I'll try to play with it.  However, in my experience the only way truly to test the capabilities of such a product is in the line of fire, where I'm actually using it to try and produce a design.  However, since I don't know if very well, even the fact that it is free, and MIGHT be fully-featured, is a deterent.  Why risk the time (and accompanying expense) to use an unknown product, when I can get the work done quicker and with more confidence, with STAAD-III?

This is the Catch 22.

I think Research Engineers, for one, capitalizes on this attitude, unfortunately.  It is one reason they put forth so little effort to make fundamental improvements to their product.

Just some random thoughts.