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Re: Proposed OSHA rules

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I skimmed through the proposed rule revision.  I did a search for "engineer"
and "SER".  What I found was not scary.  Mostly it appeared that the
structural engineer must give approval before any changes to the structure
are made.  Can you elaborate on what your fears are?

seaint(--nospam--at),Internet writes:
Has everyone read the latest proposed changes to 29 CFR Part 1926?  OSHA
is attempting to make steel erection safer, and has proposed several new
and revised rules along these lines.  Some of them are real scary.  And,
even though this round applies only to steel erection, some of the
changes will open the door to similar changes in other areas of
construction if passed.  They are trying, once again, to spread job site
safety responsibility, and thus liability, to everyone.  The committee
that came up with these proposed new rules was comprised of 13
representatives from unions, 13 from companies (most of them erectors),
and the rest from the federal government.  Guess which segment was
slightly under represented?  Guess which segment needs to have their
voice heard?  The comment period ends November 12.

For those that are unfamiliar, comments to proposed federal rules work
on an interesting vote tabulation system.  Essentially, every comment
counts as one vote.  If AISC comments on behalf of all fabricators, that
is one vote.  If SEAOC comments on behalf of all California engineers,
that is one vote.  If I as an individual comment, that is one vote.  So
I strongly advise everyone here to take the time, wade through at least
some of the 62 pages, and make yourself heard.  Otherwise, don't
complain when you are found liable for jobsite safety for a site you've
never set foot on.  As I said, scary.

To get a copy of "Safety Standards for Steel Erection; Proposed Rule"
try any of:

Labor News Bulletin Board 202-219-4784, 300-14,400 baud, no parity, 8
bits, 1 stop bit, voice 202-219-8831

Office of Information and Consumer Affairs
US Department of Labor
Room N3647
200 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20210


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