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RE: COMP:Freeware?

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I don't mean to come to the defense of Avansse - I think that whatever
experience you have had influences your motivation. No doubt a bad
experience will ruin keep many from returning to a vendor regardless of how
they have improved.
However, many of use have seen evolutions of softwares that hit the market
with problems. One such company I resented was Symantec from whom I
purchased many version 1.0 software packages that did not perform as
anticipated. Currently, I have the same problem with IBM and their Via Voice
Executive package that bombs out when conflicts occur with other packages.
In time Symantec has improved upon their software as I suspect IBM will.
However, none of them were supportive nor did they do much more than blame
other vendors for creating the conflicts. Recently, IBM blames the Windows
98 MSAA dynamic link library as a problem which Microsoft has not fixed.
My point is that, none of us know the full story as to what occured and
possibly we should put the allegations aside since this one company is
attempting to make restitution.
Believe me, I'm sticking my neck out since I am friends with the other party
in this issue, but do not want to get involved. The best I could hope for is
some sort of effort to resolve the bad feelings and problems that it
created - which I believe is what Boris is attempting to do.
I only wish that the promises Numera Software, Corel and now, IMSI made to
resurrect Visual Cadd would have been truthful. I have hundreds of drawings
that need to be converted to DWG files and cleaned up before I can use them.

I think it is appropriate to offer the benifit of the doubt in this case
since action has been taken. Motivation is not important to me since I know
Boris is there to sell product and not provide a service - however, 300
people have accepted his offer and, personally, I find the software to be a
useful package - something I got for free by just being in the line of

Dennis S. Wish PE
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Boris Kraljevic wrote:

>>I also hope that all your competitors get the AVwin free program...

Actually, Boris, that was a facetious remark. In reality most of my
competitors are very decent people, many of whom I consider to be friends.
hate to see them left high and dry when you decide to disappear again.

Earl Conroy
EC Engineers