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RE: Attachments and tables

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you made some good points. I can add only one thing for MS Outlook users -
you can filter out any email messages exceeding a specific size you set. For
example, you can restrict downloads to only messages that are less then 30K
in size.
I'm not sure what other email programs will allow you to do this.
You can also set Outlook to receive headers only and simply delete those
with attachments that you are not interested in receiving.
I think in the next couple of years, we might have more control over what we
receive and therefore, be more amenable to receiving compressed graphic
downloads or including them in our posts.
For now, you are probably in line with the thinking of the majority of

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Subject: RE: Attachments and tables

Two posts came within the last 24 hours. One contained a 10K AutoCAD
Sketch and the other an embedded table. I felt that these were excellent
uses of our communication on the list. I have been hesitant to add
anything to my posts in the past for fear of creating a slow-down and
possibly setting a precedence which might lead to a clogged
communication link.
I would like comments from others. Personally, I find these types of
attachments to be very important to the intent of the post. I would like
to be able to include a sketch for particular problems and would
appreciate others who do the same.
Let's discuss this so we can create an agreeable standard for submitting
sketches to the list. 
Dennis Wish PE 

Although I am not AOL-challenged, as so many others appear to be, I
nevertheless do not favor including attachments with posts to this
listserv.  As I have written previously, it is my belief that the
listserv works best when all posts meet the lowest common denominator: 
plain text without attachments.  Anyone who wants to offer an attachment
can do so, and those wanting it can then request/receive it by private
The first problem with attachments is bandwidth.  Perhaps Shafat could
enforce a strict limit of 30 KB, or so, by stripping all larger
attachments at the server.   Another problem is formats.  What might be
common to one reader might be foreign to another.  For example, PDF
files are pretty basic, but probably less than a third of the listserv
subscribers have Adobe Acrobat loaded to read them.  In my case, I don't
personally use any CADD software, and my computer cannot open a CADD
Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

We are born with our eyes closed and our mouths
open, and we spend our whole lives trying to
reverse that mistake of nature.
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