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Re: COMP:Freeware?

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Dennis Wish,  you wrote

<< Please be careful about the term "bugs" since the majority of "bugs" that
 exist in software are actually the users lack of understanding on how to use
 the software. I am not saying that Sib has a valid or invalid claim, but
 would not want to make the implication that free software is any more or
 less "buggy" than the software I paid for.>>

In all actuality, that is EXACTLY the claim I am making.  Though you may
disagree, my experience has been that I find more bugs in the so called
"freeware" and "shareware" than I do in software I have payed for.  I am sure
that one can find exceptions to this, but I believe my experience to be more
common than not.  There is also usually a noticable difference in the quality
of the support one recieves between "freeware" and software that is paid for.

Perhaps differently than you, I am not bashful about calling a "bug" a bug.
If the software manual says it does something one way and the program performs
the said operation in another manner, than to me this a "bug".  
If I must spend too much time worrying about the bugs in the software I use,
then it has lost it's use to me to improve my productivity.  Apparantly
differently than you, I also do not have the leisure time you say you have to
"play around" with all the new softwares that come out.  I prefer to find what
works and to "stick with it".