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Re: psi

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Unfortunately kg/cm2, the "bastard" unit, is still the operational unit
for steel and concrete stresses/strength in South America and Mexico
(I can't speak for Central America).

Construction materials are specified/sold by the kilo or metric ton (1000
kg) as well.  Just you try to mention "kiloNewton" or "MegaPascal" over

Maria I. Falconi
Guayaquil, Ecuador

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>Kg/cm^2 is a bastard unit, as every veteran of the ISO crusade knows. I'm
>assuming Leopoldo is taking Kg as a force equal to the weight of a mass
>of 1 Kg. That equivalence violates the current dogma of the dimensionally
>pure, but it's good enough to get you enough tomatoes for pasta sauce.
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