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Re: psi

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>Unfortunately kg/cm2, the "bastard" unit, is still the operational unit
>for steel and concrete stresses/strength in South America and Mexico
>(I can't speak for Central America).
>Construction materials are specified/sold by the kilo or metric ton (1000
>kg) as well.  Just you try to mention "kiloNewton" or "MegaPascal" over

My 'bastard' paragraph was a poor and irrelevant attempt at irony. I was 
referring to the longest, stupidest thread on the Usenet, perpetuated on 
the sci.engr newsgroup by ISO purists bickering over proper units and 
flaming each other like medieval scholars arguing about angels dancing on 
pin points. My own feeling is that Kg/cm2 is just another stress unit and 
measuring distance against wavelengths of light is no purer than using a 
stick the length of King Henry's arm.

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